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Thank You for Helping Older Adults Stay Healthy

By February 25, 2017July 16th, 2018No Comments

When you support Food Lifeline, you help ensure our neighbors are able to stay on stable financial ground. Obstacles like job loss, illness and home repairs can quickly devastate a household’s budget. That’s why your gifts are so greatly appreciated — and so greatly needed. Your generosity changes the lives of people like Ed.

Now in his 60s, Ed’s been having a tough time covering all his expenses on a fixed income. Without any flexibility in his budget, added costs associated with the winter months really strain him financially. He’s thankful to be able to cut any costs he can.

During his many years working at a pickle factory in the Pike Place market, Ed was responsible for donating food from his workplace to local hunger-relief agencies. That’s how he found out about the food bank at El Centro de la Raza in Seattle’s North Beacon Hill neighborhood. No longer working has caused him to struggle to afford his monthly bills, so Ed began visiting the Food Lifeline member agency as a client about two years ago.

Being able to save money on groceries has provided some wiggle room in Ed’s budget. Your gifts actually helped him have the means to save his home —it was nearly foreclosed last year, but he was able to keep it.

The food your gifts help provide means neighbors like Ed are able to sustain themselves in the face of various challenges. And, beyond nourishing our neighbors at risk of going hungry, you help protect the environment by limiting the amount of food that’s wasted.

Older adults like Ed are especially vulnerable to hunger due to limited resources. But with your help, we’re able to ensure they have access to the food they need to thrive. Thank you for making this important work possible!