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Thank You for Connecting Local Families with Nutritious Meals

By May 21, 2018July 16th, 2018No Comments
Mother and son at the YWCA food pantry

When you support Food Lifeline, you help give caring parents like Leah the means to get their families back on solid financial footing.

We met Leah and her little boy, Justin, 3, earlier this year at the YWCA Central Area Food Bank, a Food Lifeline Partner Agency in Seattle. Leah told us that this past fall, she and Justin fell on hard times and had nowhere to turn.

Luckily, Leah found out about the food distribution just minutes away from where she and Justin live.

“The food bank has been great,” Leah says.

It means a lot to her to be able to fill Justin’s plate with nutritious food, and the food bank always has plenty of fresh produce to share with our neighbors in need.

You’re giving Leah and Justin a hand when they need it most. Justin’s enrolled in preschool in Redmond this fall, which means Leah will be able to go back to work full-time. But this summer, they’re depending on the generosity of friends like you.

Leah has so much appreciation for you.

“I am so grateful for this,” she says. “My son and I needed the help.”

Because you choose to give, Justin will have the fuel he needs to break the cycle of poverty for his family in the future. Thank you for helping our Western Washington neighbors!