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At The Table

Thank You for Bringing Hope to Families

By September 7, 2016July 16th, 2018No Comments

“We wouldn’t survive without this,” Janessa says of Hopelink Redmond, a Food Lifeline member agency she’s able to visit thanks to your support.

Although she works two jobs — in housekeeping and farming — six days a week, Janessa sometimes struggles to provide for her family. She’s a single mother raising Jovanny, 5, and Lauretta, 4, on her own. She actually used to work three jobs with no days off, but having so little time with her children was heartbreaking.

Janessa decided to reach out for help because she wants to provide the best possible nutrition for her kids, and on her income, she can usually only afford cheap foods that fill them up for less.

Jovanny and Lauretta are good about eating their vegetables, but fresh produce is so expensive at the store. When she visits Hopelink, Janessa can pick up a wide variety of fruits, vegetables and lean protein — most of which she immediately freezes to make it last.

Because she’s able to peruse the food at Hopelink and choose just the items she’ll use, nothing Janessa takes home goes to waste. She’s had blood sugar issues in the past, so being able to pick out groceries that will bolster her health is really helpful.

Jovanny and Lauretta are smart, articulate and independent children. After a brief time being homeless, Janessa is so proud of how her kids have overcome their family’s challenges by her side. She cares deeply about them and is so relieved she can fill their table with balanced meals.

This fall, as Jovanny heads back to school and Lauretta attends Head Start, Janessa has peace of mind knowing she has somewhere to go if she can’t stretch her budget to afford quality groceries. She’s come a long way over the past few years, and as she reflects on her journey and the people who helped her transition, Janessa’s eyes pool with tears.

“From being homeless to now being able to be established…having assistance has made it possible,” she says. “It’s so nice to have someplace to turn.”

Your generosity is truly a lifeline to our neighbors in need. Thank you for standing with parents like Janessa.