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Our Neighbors Facing Hunger

Survival vs. Living: How You Help Bo

By July 27, 2017July 16th, 2018No Comments

Bo couldn’t foresee the future, try as he might. A nasty divorce left him financially and emotionally drained. And homeless. He lived at the shelter and stood on a corner with a sign, “Anything helps.” 

“Living in a shelter surrounds you with drugs, violence, and chaos.” It wasn’t a good place for trying to get life back in order. Enrolling with the Millionair Club Charity was just the solid ground he needed to regain his balance. “When you enroll in their employment program, they give you everything you need: breakfast, shower, laundry, bus tickets.” 

These small and simple things: a hot shower, clean clothes, and a meal at the beginning of the day, plus work and a way to get there were exactly the emotional lift Bo needed, and his hard working nature kicked into high gear. Within 3 weeks, Bo was offered a full-time position with the Metropolitan Improvement District as a Street Cleaning Ambassador. That opportunity to earn income allowed him to move into a small (about 10’x10′) room at Kasota apartments.  

It may be tiny, but it’s a huge step in the right direction. Having a door between Bo and the chaos of the past made a difference for him, “Thanks to my room… I can close my door and sleep without interruption.” Today, Bo is saving money and looking to move up to a job in machine operations. He says,  

“I am living, instead of just surviving.” 

Since September 2015, Millionair Club Charity’s meal programs have received over 150,000 pounds of food from Food Lifeline to feed hungry workers like Bo. Millionair Club Charity is a partner organization of Food Lifeline. Click here to support our work to end hunger for people like Bo.