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State Legislators Volunteer at Target Meals for Minds

By June 20, 2016July 16th, 2018No Comments

How can kids learn if they are hungry?

A full 75% of students at Seattle’s Northgate Elementary School qualify for free and reduced lunch, which means getting enough healthy food is a daily challenge for almost all of the school’s families. Thanks to the Target Meals for Minds program, it is now easier for these families to get nutritious and kid-friendly food.

Partnering with Target, Food Lifeline operates a monthly in-school food bank at Northgate Elementary. Once a month, students and families fill up grocery bags with fresh fruit and vegetables, chicken, mac & cheese, and other kid favorites. While this program always has a great team of dedicated community and corporate volunteers, over the last three months, we had three very special visitors: all three state legislators who represent the Northgate area.

In April, Representative Gerry Pollet and his Legislative Assistant, Angie, came with big smiles and endless energy and helped distribute more than 5,500 pounds of food to 197 students and their families – that’s 73% of the students who attend Northgate Elementary School! Representative Jessyn Farrell rearranged her whole schedule to volunteer at the May distribution where we broke our record and served over 217 students. Last but certainly not least, Senator Frockt and his Legislative Assistant, Jon, joined us for the final distribution of the school year this month and helped distribute food to 208 students. 

We can’t thank the members of the 46th Legislative District enough for taking time out of their busy schedules to volunteer with us. Together we are making sure that #HungerDoesntHaveToHappen!