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Special Event with Blue Fern and Friends

By November 27, 2019No Comments

Ending hunger in Western Washington is a complex and extremely challenging mission that requires support from the whole community. Each year, hundreds of local businesses and corporations support our work both through volunteering and by making product and cash donations. Of course, another really important way that our partners help us out is by introducing us to their friends. This is something our partners at Blue Fern Homes understand. Indeed, as Blue Fern points out they don’t “just build houses, they build communities.”

Case in point, on Thursday, October 24, the Blue Fern team gathered their vendors and contractor partners for an extra-special volunteer event at our Hunger Solution Center. Switching up their partner appreciation party this season, they managed to recruit almost 100 amazing volunteers who spent the evening sorting and repacking over 12,600 pounds of donated kiwi, the equivalent of 12,500 meals. Not only were these 200 hands essential in helping us get a super high-quality product out to our partners as fast as possible, but many of the companies that Blue Fern invited were new to Food Lifeline and our work. This gave us a unique opportunity to engage some new folks and their companies in our mission. We are extremely grateful that Blue Fern asked all these companies to join them for this special event. It is a huge vote of confidence in Food Lifeline and our work.

In addition to supporting Food Lifeline through their time and professional connections, Blue Fern is also supporting our work financially. A portion of every new home sale goes directly to Food Lifeline’s mission of feeding hungry people today, while working to end hunger for tomorrow. Every human being has the right to nutritious food and thanks to local partners like Blue Fern, we can deliver on our mission every day of the year.