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Senior Grateful For Your Help

By November 23, 2020November 30th, 2020No Comments

The last five years have been especially hard on Dana.

In 2015, Donna, his partner of 30 years, was diagnosed with dementia. Two years later, Dana quit his full-time job to become Donna’s full-time caregiver. By early 2019, Donna was transferred to a medical facility, and she passed away last December. Just a couple months after that, Dana’s father died.

Along the way, Dana, now 70, lost his home. Though he’s working again, it’s a limited income. And he’s in poor health, making him quite vulnerable in the age of COVID-19.

That’s why Dana is so grateful for a weekly food distribution made possible by Food Lifeline supporters like you. He picks up a box of food and other essentials regularly at the Skokomish Tribe community center, just north of Shelton.

“These food boxes are excellent,” says Dana, who divides everything up into individual meals — refrigerating some, freezing the rest. “You can get a lot of meals from one box, and the food is good and nutritious.”

He says his life would be even harder without the kindness of friends like you.

“My food bill would be a lot higher without this,” he says. “Plus, I’d have to go out more and possibly expose myself to the virus. “In all humility and gratitude, I’m so appreciative of this.”

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