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November Construction Update

By November 3, 2015July 16th, 2018No Comments

Construction has officially started on the tenant improvements! They’re still doing mostly prep work, such as breaking up concrete where they will be adding plumbing, but it’s officially a hard hat only area and we need to make prearrangements to visit the site.

We are reviewing submittals from subcontractors (lighting plan, electric, mechanical, flooring, etc.)

We received an amazing furniture donation of 74 cubicle sets from CBRE via Microsoft that we actually have in hand! This furniture is being referred to as “Cube A” furniture, this cubicle will be used in the mezzanine as well as other key areas throughout the facility. Cube B furniture is coming from BECU and will be in executive, volunteer repack, and some of the warehouse offices. 

We are working on the design for the reception desk. We’ve started constructing the mezzanine level!

We discovered that the emergency lighting design is necessitating a pathway redesign in the warehouse, which is, in turn, may necessitate some tweaks in the racking plan.

Bike racks have been purchased and delivered. A covered, well-lit smoking area is planned for out back.