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Hunger Ingenuity

New Agencies Help Your Support Go Further

By April 2, 2015July 16th, 2018No Comments

Here at Food Lifeline, we are the food bank’s food bank. What does that mean? That means we supply food to over 275 of your neighborhood food banks and meal programs. In fact on average, we supply around 1/3 of all the food distributed by these programs.

Our member food banks and meal programs are amazing. These hard working organizations are on the front lines of fighting hunger, which makes it even more special when we get to add new members to our network.

This spring, two new programs are joining the Food Lifeline network and are excited to get not only more food, but better food to people in need.

Faith Lutheran Church Meal Program

Located in Everett, Washington, almost eighty people line up on the second and fourth Tuesday night each month for a free homemade delicious Faith Community Meal. A small church with only 30 members, the challenge to feeding even more hungry people was food. Like many meal programs, the hardest to find donated items were also the highest in demand – meat and fresh produce. However, even when all they had was starches and small amounts of meat, Faith Meals always found ways to make delicious meals for their guests. 

Thanks to their new partnership with Food Lifeline, Faith Meals is now a part of the Grocery Rescue program which is bringing in so much more meat and fresh produce. 

“This week, we had fruit for the first time in months and were even able to provide people with some boxes of food to take home for breakfast,” says Roxana Boroujerdi, “Thank you very much for adding Faith Meals to your food program.”

Check out Roxana’s heartfelt thank you video here.

North Mason Food Bank

Located in north Mason County, people come long distances to get food from North Mason Food Bank. Despite the challenges of being in a mostly rural area, the food banks serves an average of 1600 individuals every month. 

“We are very excited to begin a new partnership with Food Lifeline which we anticipate will allow us to provide more nutritionally balanced meals and offer basic hygiene products with our limited resources,” says Linda Rogers, Acting Director.

Thanks to both of these two agencies for joining the Food Lifeline network. We are thrilled to have you both.

Want to know which of your neighborhood food banks and meal programs we support? Check out this map.