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At The Table

Moms Grateful for Help Filling the Food Gap for Their Families

By November 23, 2020No Comments

Before the pandemic, moms Missy and Candace had never visited a food bank. Their families were able to get by, but having their kids home all day and with work being sporadic, they’re having a hard time making sure their families have enough to eat.

Now they both come to the North Seattle College food distribution every week to help make ends meet. “We have a single income now, so honestly, it helps save our food budget,” Candace says of her family. “The produce here allows us to spend more of our grocery money on meats, which have become so expensive.”

Missy also appreciates the fresh produce her family gets. “The food is so important to us,” she says. “Our kids are having to go without their fruits and vegetables. It’s a blessing.”

Thank you for your part in helping make sure families like Missy’s and Candace’s get the food they need for their kids.

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