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At The Table

Linda Letter

By May 21, 2018July 16th, 2018No Comments
Linda Nageotte, President and CEO of Food Lifeline

Dear Friends,

The end of the school year is right around the corner and we’ve been hard at work preparing for the hungry months of summer ahead. When school lets out in just a few short weeks, families who are facing financial uncertainty must make up for the free and reduced-price meals their children typically eat in the cafeteria.

Good nutrition couldn’t be more important for growing children’s healthy development. Girls and boys need balanced meals on the table this summer to be ready to learn when classes start back up in the fall.

Because of your support, children in our communities are able to escape the damaging effects of summer hunger. At the same time, you’re also protecting the environment by helping Food Lifeline rescue nutritious food that might otherwise go to waste.

In this edition of At The Table, you’ll meet just a few of the countless kids and families who are thankful for you this summer. On the back page of this issue, you’ll meet Serena and her son, Malick, who are relieved to know they have somewhere to turn when hard times hit. I hope you remember their bright smiles are thanks to your generosity.

I’m truly grateful for your partnership in this important work. Your support is helping create a stronger, more vibrant future for our entire community. Thank you!


Linda Nageotte

President & CEO