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At The Table

Jolene is Grateful for You

By September 7, 2016July 16th, 2018No Comments

Things are looking up for Jolene’s family. After several months of unemployment, her husband recently landed a full-time job with an aerospace company. Although they’re thrilled to have a steady income, they had to relocate for the opportunity, and it’s been a tough transition — especially for their sons.

Jolene and her husband have four children — Jordan, 14, Trevor, 11, Preston, 10 and little Shaylee, 3. She says her family’s recent financial struggles have been really difficult. It was a challenge for her to explain to their children why they had to sell things, downsize and eventually move.

Fortunately, your gifts bring a sense of stability to families in uncertain situations through access to healthy food. When she can’t stretch their SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) benefit to last the whole month, Jolene is able to visit Marysville Community Food Bank, a Food Lifeline member agency, for help with groceries.

It’s a comfort for Jolene to be able to put balanced meals on the table as her family works to get back on solid footing. All her boys love school — Jordan’s really into sports, Trevor loves math and reading and Preston is quiet and outdoorsy. Your gifts will help them and so many other children focus at school this fall and have energy to play with their friends.

Jolene knows how vital healthy food is to her children’s well-being. She’s thankful they’re able to eat free meals at school and she’s relieved to have a little help from the Food Bank when she needs it. Jolene is aware it’s friends like you who help keep her children from going to bed hungry, and she’s so grateful for your partnership.

“This is really appreciated,” she says. “I only come when we’re low on food — it’s so helpful.”

Whether families are recovering after an illness, job loss, natural disaster or other issue, they have the security of knowing they won’t have to miss meals as they work to improve their situation. Your support is so vital to the health of our community. Thank you for sharing what you have!