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Invest in Happy Childhoods

By April 8, 2015July 16th, 2018No Comments

A healthy and happy childhood is one of the greatest gifts you can give. A new initiative in King County proposed by Executive Dow Constantine called “Best Starts for Kids,” will help make healthy, happy childhoods a reality by focusing on three areas of investment: pregnancy and early childhood, school-age children, and healthy and safe communities.

In King County, only 12% of adults and 26% of middle and high school youth consuming recommended levels of nutritious fruits and vegetables, there’s considerable room for improvement. 

The earlier we invest in nutrition, education, active living and safe communities, the better the outcomes.

According to Adrienne Quinn, King County Director of Community and Human Services, “We have a new opportunity to build on the strong commitment in our region to ensure all children and families are healthy and thrive,” said Adrienne Quinn, King County Director of Community and Human Services. “Working together with community partners on efforts such as increasing access to healthy and affordable food, we will achieve better outcomes for our whole community.”

King County staff will continue meeting with organizations and residents through the end of April to further shape the framework of the levy before it moves to county council.

Your voice matters.

Click here to urge county council to improve access to affordable, nutritious food so all kids have a better chance at a healthy and happy childhood. 

Council will then have an opportunity to influence the content of the levy before voting in May or June to include it on the November ballot.