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Hunger For Veterans and Military Families Doesn’t Have to Happen

By November 11, 2021No Comments

Today, we’re taking the time to honor Americans who have served our country in uniform by reflecting on the courage and the sacrifice made by them and their families. For generations, our existential liberties have been protected by those willing to undergo incredible hardship both at home and abroad in service to the ideals that undergird the complex fabric of our nation.

Food Lifeline and our front-line hunger relief agency partners across the state hope to return that service in-kind by providing for military families and veterans in our communities.

Sadly, active-duty servicemembers and veterans continue to grapple with hunger at higher rates than their civilian neighbors, with a recent survey from the Military Family Advisory Network revealing that 1 in 5 military families reported experiencing food insecurity at some point in the previous year.

Estimates for the prevalence of food insecurity amongst veterans ranged as high as 24% pre-pandemic, and across the country we’ve seen the economic pressures on working families ramp significantly while the lines outside of food pantries grow longer.

Here at home, demand has been especially high for emergency hunger relief efforts serving military communities. An October food distribution effort in Lakewood, outside of Joint Base Lewis-McChord, attracted nearly 600 families – with many more on the waiting list.

Hunger for veterans and military families doesn’t have to happen.

To make that so, Food Lifeline is building a statewide coalition of stakeholders, advocates, and political leaders to elevate the issue and push for policy change. Our goal it to connect with everyone who supports veterans and military families. Visit our coalition page here.

Here are a few things you can do to help:

Share awareness of military family hunger with your social networks

Add your name to our list of advocates asking Congress to take action to end hunger for military families now.

Refer military or veteran organizations in your community to our Military Family Hunger coalition.