Speak Out

Use Your Voice to Stop Hunger

Hunger Action Day is a great way to speak out against hunger. It is easy and effective to speak out for policies and programs that make it easier for people to feed themselves and get the food assistance they need.

By advocating with Food Lifeline you educate our community and lawmakers about the face of hunger, reducing the stigma for those who might be too embarrassed or ashamed to reach out for help. By advocating for anti-hunger and nutrition programs you are not only protecting vital programs, but also giving a strong voice to those struggling to provide for themselves or their family.

Wondering what to say, how to say it or who to say it to? We can help.

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Want to take action today? Let your lawmakers know they can fight hunger.

Want to contact your lawmaker directly? Click here to find your legislator.

MAZON: A Jewish Response to Hunger Food Lifeline thanks MAZON: A Jewish Response to Hunger, for supporting our advocacy program.

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