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Get to Know Councilmember Kathy Lambert

By July 23, 2014July 16th, 2018No Comments

Kathy Lambert became involved in politics when she “saw the value of networking and connecting with people in positive ways and how working together makes a better community.” In her role as King County Councilmember, Lambert represents the 3rd district which includes nearly half of King County and includes the communities of Redmond, Duvall, Issaquah, and Sammamish.

Councilmember Lambert serves as Chair of the Council’s Law, Justice, Health and Human Services Committee and is the Vice Chair of the Budget and Fiscal Management Committee.  “As a councilmember, it’s my job to find a way to make things work as well as possible under existing financial conditions. I like problem solving and listening to peoples’ varied ideas to find a way to come up with a plan,” she says.

As King County continues to face budget deficits and plans their first two-year budget, Councilmember Lambert says, “we need to set priorities because government can’t do everything. Meeting the needs of those who are hungry and homeless is a priority that the Council has honored for years.” Although the human services budget in King County has been cut significantly since the start of the recession, she says she sees “how poverty interacts with many human service needs. We work very hard at the Council to provide as many dollars as possible to be used for human services.” Some of the issues she has worked hard on include reducing homelessness, protecting the survivors of domestic violence, and improving public safety.

Prior to her current role, Councilmember Lambert was a State Representative for seven years and a teacher for 16 years. In her personal time, she enjoys traveling, hiking, reading, visiting with friends and being a grandmother. To keep up with her current work, check out her council website.