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Hunger Ingenuity

From Hungry to Helping

By July 3, 2019No Comments

Duke Pham is no stranger to hunger. “My family came here in 1975 after the fall of Saigon”, says Duke. “We landed in Bremerton without much more than the shirts on our backs. My mother had a few photographs, but that was it.” His parents eventually found work at multiple factory jobs, and by 2004, had saved up enough to open a Vietnamese restaurant in Bremerton.

Duke Pham’s life has been a hard fight from the start but also an inspiring journey. He has gone from being a penniless political refugee to going on to starting six popular phở restaurants in the Seattle area.

In 2014 Duke packaged his family’s legendary broth and named it “Pho’nomenal”. Today, Phonomenal donates ten thousand of the instant soup bowls for every million units sold. These bowls provide healthy and culturally appropriate meals for thousand of familes that are stuggling with hunger – families just like Duke’s.

“I wanted to give back and help others who might be struggling the way we did. It just felt like the right thing to do,” says Duke.

When you choose Pho’nomenal Bowls, you are also choosing to join us in the fight to end hunger.