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Food Lifeline’s 2021 Legislative Awards

By December 21, 2021No Comments

We are proud to announce the recipients of Food Lifeline’s 2021 Legislative Awards! These awards are given to state lawmakers who have made significant contributions to food justice in Washington. Our partnership with elected officials is critical to advancing our mission of feeding people experiencing hunger today, while working to end hunger for tomorrow.

With sincere appreciation, we present the 2021 award winners.

Food Lifeline Legislative Champion Award

Representative April Berg

Prime sponsor, HB 1342, School Meal Co-Pays

Representative My-Linh Thai

Prime sponsor, HB 1297, Working Families Tax Credit

Representative Mari Leavitt

Prime sponsor, HB 1151, Food Assistance to SNAP Households

Representative Mia Gregerson

Prime sponsor, Food Lifeline Capital Budget Freezer/Cooler Expansion

Senator June Robinson

Prime sponsor, SB 5096, Capital Gains Tax

Senator Karen Keiser

Prime sponsor, Food Lifeline Capital Budget Freezer/Cooler Expansion

Senator Joe Nguyen

Prime sponsor, SB 5214, Temporary Assistance to Needy Families

US Representative Marilyn Strickland

Military Family Hunger Prevention Act of 2021

The Legislative Champion Award is given to legislators who:

  • Take primary sponsorship of legislation that advances Food Lifeline’s legislative priority agenda and public policy priorities.
  • Make special efforts to advance priority bills to passage that might have failed otherwise.
  • Defend against legislation that would threaten or diminish Food Lifeline’s legislative agenda and public policy priorities.
  • Secure important appropriations, revenue, or Capitol Budget funding for the work of Food Lifeline and/or its priorities.

Food Lifeline Legislative Assistant Award

Ms. Alex Stone

U.S. Representative Adam Smith

The Legislative Assistant Award is given to legislative staff who:

  • Are particularly helpful with providing information and facilitating legislative activity that advances Food Lifeline’s legislative agenda and public policy priorities, AND who help maintain effective partnerships with lawmakers.

Food Lifeline Legislative Award

Representative Debra Entenman

HB 1267, Concerning Investigation of Potential Criminal Conduct Arising from Police Use of Force, Including Custodial Injuries, and other Officer-Involved Incidents

Representative Jesse Johnson

HB 1310, Law Enforcement and Correctional officers – Permissible Use of Force

HB 1054, Establishing requirements for tactics and equipment used by peace officers

Senator T’wina Nobles

SB 5259, Concerning Law Enforcement Data Collection