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Families in Need Are Thankful for You

By June 1, 2016July 16th, 2018No Comments

Aiden, 8, and his little sister, Nicole, 7, can’t wait for summer vacation. Aiden’s excited to spend the long warm days playing games with his friends, and Nicole’s looking forward to reading and drawing.

Yet their mom, Rosalba, is counting the days until classes resume. Her youngest, Jose, 5, starts school in the fall, which means she can finally go back to work. Right now, the family depends on her husband’s salary — he works at a home improvement store, and his paycheck doesn’t quite cover all the family’s expenses.

To add to their financial challenges, Aiden and Nicole will lose access to the free meals they eat at school each weekday at the end of June. During the summer, the couple must provide an additional 20 meals every week.

Aiden, Nicole and Jose are sweet, intelligent children with lots of energy. Rosalba has big dreams for them, but she knows they’ll need good nutrition as they grow. Even short periods of time without consistent access to healthy food can reduce a child’s ability to reach his or her full potential.  

Your generous gifts help Food Lifeline divert tons of discarded, nutrient-rich, fresh foods away from landfills ― and to hungry little ones like Aiden, Nicole and Jose. This summer, you’re giving countless children in our community the chance at a better future with regular, wholesome meals. 

When she can’t afford all the groceries her family needs, Rosalba can stop by Kent Food Bank, a Food Lifeline member agency not far from her home. During a recent visit she and the kids picked up plenty of fruits, vegetables and staple groceries to stock their kitchen. Aiden was delighted to find a bag of baby carrots — his favorite snack.

Rosalba loves to cook for her family and says it gives her peace of mind to know she’s able to provide her kids with balanced meals. She was excited to share her gratitude with the people who are opening their hearts to help her feed her children.

“Thank you and bless you!” Rosalba says. “We really appreciate the help.”