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At The Table

Families Facing Hunger Are Grateful for You

By March 5, 2020No Comments

With the ever-increasing cost of living, there are many families throughout our community that simply can’t make ends meet despite their hard work and long hours. It’s a harsh reality, but it’s one that’s all too common. And it’s one that Adrian and his family sometimes have to face.

Adrian works hard as a laborer, but in his line of work, that can mean there are times when work is sporadic. And that means there are times when he can’t afford to feed his family, which includes his wife and their 11-month-old daughter.

His wife works part-time, but it’s not nearly enough to cover their living expenses and keep the refrigerator stocked when Adrian is waiting for more work.

“When that money stops coming in, it hurts,” he says.

That’s why Adrian is grateful he can turn to Food Lifeline and friends like you when his family needs a little extra help getting from paycheck to paycheck.

“Sometimes, it’s just a matter of timing,” Adrian says. “Being able to come here means that if I lose a day or two of work, I don’t have to be afraid of where the food is going to come from.”

And that lifts a huge burden off of Adrian’s shoulders. Because of you, Adrian can be sure that his family will have the staples and fresh produce they need to stay healthy and full.

Thank you for helping families when they need some extra help. Your generous gift today means parents like Adrian and his wife can have peace of mind knowing their children won’t have to go hungry.

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