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At The Table

Fall Letter from Linda

By September 8, 2016July 16th, 2018No Comments

Dear Friends,

Next week, students throughout our community resume classes. Summer is often the hungriest time of year for food-insecure families, so that first school bell is a welcome relief for thousands of boys and girls as it signals the return of reliable free and reduced-price meal programs.

I’m sure you’re aware that there’s a critical connection between childhood nutrition and cognitive and physical development. Even relatively brief nutritional deficiencies can diminish a child’s health, behavior and ability to concentrate and perform complex tasks.

That’s why your gifts are so greatly appreciated, and so greatly needed. Your partnership helps redirect food that might otherwise end up in a landfill to the children and families who need it most.

Food is the most essential school supply — hungry children cannot learn because they aren’t able to focus. When you support Food Lifeline, you equip students for success with access to nutritious food. Your gifts empower boys and girls to help break the cycle of poverty, which means a brighter future for us all.

In this issue of At the Table, you’ll learn about children across Western Washington who are benefitting from your support. Kids whose parents aren’t always able to provide nutritious food would be starting this school year at a disadvantage if it weren’t for you.

I hope you’ll keep the vital role you play in mind as you read about kids like Jovanny, who’s starting this school year prepared for success because his mom is able to visit a Food Lifeline member agency. You’ll learn more about him and his family here.

I’m so grateful that you choose to give children in need the opportunity to thrive. Thank you for looking out for future Western Washington generations!


Linda Nageotte,
President & CEO
Twitter: @FoodLifeline