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Donor Spotlight – OAC Services, Inc.

By January 8, 2016July 16th, 2018No Comments

This month our Donor Spotlight is shining on OAC Services, Inc. We’re thankful to work with Project Manager, Wesley Bergquist and their great team to make the Hunger Solution Center (HSC) a reality. The OAC team has done a great job helping Food Lifeline with our entire project from permitting to furniture; they have been with us every step of the way. Not only have they offered their invaluable industry expertise but they’ve gone above and beyond volunteering nearly 60 hours repacking food for our agencies!

Thanks to their support we now are on track with our building and will be able to fight hunger in bigger ways that much sooner. While we’re thrilled to be in our new home soon, the feeling is somewhat bitter sweet in that we won’t get to work as closely with OAC as regularly. We look forward to keeping in touch through our various volunteer opportunities! 

To give you a little more insight into OAC’s work with Food Lifeline, we asked their amazing team to tell us a little more why they are helping us double down on hunger.

Why did you choose to support the campaign for the Hunger Solution Center?
OAC looked at the clients that we were currently working with to gauge their awareness level of the issues that are important to them, as they are important to us. Although we have been working alongside Food Lifeline and have provided support throughout the years, we initially had very little knowledge of their campaign. OAC noticed the opportunity to work with the Hunger Solution Center campaign and contribute to the issue of fighting hunger locally.

Why is this an important cause for your organization?
As OAC became more involved, through volunteering at the Food Distribution Center and by donating, it was hard to ignore the impact of our participation has made on Food Lifeline’s mission. Knowing that volunteering allows for more food to be packaged, and will provide millions of meals for those in need, it contributes to the efforts of ending hunger – these issues are very important to our organization.

Any other details you would like to share about your organization’s relationship with Food Lifeline, interest in addressing the issue of hunger, etc.
OAC continues to support the Hunger Solution Center, not only because we value our relationship with Food Lifeline but because it is such a vital project for our community.