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Donate Your Old Fridge and Help Local Families Fill Theirs

By November 5, 2014July 16th, 2018No Comments

UPDATE: Wow, Puget Sound Energy customers went above and beyond and donated $9,125 of their fridge/freezer rebate to help stop hunger. PSE matched those funds for a grand total of $18,250. Thanks to everyone who helped make this promotion a success!

Here at Food Lifeline we work hard to eliminate food waste because we know there is so much good food that needs homes. Our partners at PSE believe in eliminating another kind of waste, energy waste. Turns out that extra old fridge or freezer you have sitting out in the garage can cost up to 4x more to operate and be a big source of wasted energy.

Right now you can eliminate two kinds of waste at once. First call up Puget Sound Energy to arrange a pick-up of your old working fridge or freezer. Then choose to donate your $25 rebate and PSE will match that donation to Food Lifeline. Thanks to our programs that rescue perfectly good food from grocery stores, restaurants and more, that $50 can provide up to 200 meals to families in need.

Recycling old energy draining appliances not only makes environmental sense, but now through Dec 15th, it can help stop hunger too. If you are interested in learning more about how PSE will break down your fridge watch this video of their fridge recycling event.

Want to learn more about how your support of Food Lifeline reduces food waste. Learn about our approach to solving hunger.