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Hunger Ingenuity

Breaking New Ground in Ending Hunger

By September 22, 2015July 16th, 2018No Comments

It was a perfect event, right down to the golden shovels and the miniature chocolate hard hats.

With one shovel-turn of the soil, Food Lifeline began the second half of their journey to this new home. While the walls of the Hunger Solution Center are up, this groundbreaking launches the most important part of the Mobilize Against Hunger Campaign – funding and building out the 190,000 square foot space.  

Food Lifeline President and CEO Linda Nageotte hosted the festivities, while the crowd was treated with food truck fare from Hallava Falafel, Dante’s Inferno Dogs, and Sweet Treats.

The event was also attended by State Senator Sharon Nelson, and State Representive Joe Fitzgibbon. Senator Nelson quickly won over the crowd with an impassioned speech about solving the problem of hunger, and won an ovation when she repeated the Food Lifeline slogan, “hunger doesn’t have to happen”.

Both Nelson and Fitzgibbon, along with State Representative Hans Dunshee were awarded the Mobilize Against Hunger award for their work with the State of Washington to secure funding for the Hunger Solution Center.

Also in attendance were several board members, including Chef Tom Douglas who has worked with Food Lifeline for nearly three decades.

“This is a remarkable turnout”, said Douglas. “There are a lot of people who absolutely believe in this mission.”

After a champagne toast set to the strains of the Temptations “Get Ready”, the state representatives, Food Lifeline board members, and the team from Abbott Construction donned their hard hats, and turned the first shovels of dirt.

A messy step, on a road that will lead to more meals for more people in Western Washington.