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Hunger Ingenuity

Behind the Scenes: Take a Food Lifeline Tour

By March 10, 2014July 16th, 2018No Comments

Totes, pallet jacks, product over-runs, salvage, banana boxes, order selectors, kicked loads, zero waste, food safety….. Did you know these words aren’t just food banking jargon, but are some of the secret sauce to Food Lifeline’s scale and efficiency? At Food Lifeline we do more than just distribute food, we find unique ways to combine the excess of the food industry with a strong network of food pantries, meal programs and shelters to solve the hunger logistics problem.

One the best ways to see this for yourself, is to come on a tour. Come see for yourself the scale at which Food Lifeline operates and the important role your support plays in getting food to those in need.

But you don’t have to take our word for it, recently, Doug Taylor and his wife came for a tour of our Seattle distribution warehouse and got to see first hand the way their family’s support is helping get fresh food to people who need it most.

Doug and Kal visit Food Lifeline I think the most surprising things that I learned about Food Lifeline were the connections and lengths to which Food Lifeline goes to work with other organizations in saving food, getting food free or at low cost, and then “recycling” it out to various localities. I think I naively assumed that Food Lifeline just collected food and distributed it, which is technically true, but obviously only part of the story. It wasn’t until the explanation during the tour that I began to realize the extent of the work that Food Lifeline does to creatively source the food from both public and private sources. Very enlightening. – Doug Taylor

Come see what’s in the warehouse today! You never know what you might find – pallets of oatmeal, half ton bins of potatoes or 20,000 eggs in the fridge! Email to learn more about scheduling a tour for yourself, your family, classroom or community group. We can’t wait to show you around!