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April is Volunteer Recognition Month

Did you know that our volunteers provide the equivalent hours of 21 full-time employees?

In 2022, 11,631 volunteers contributed a total of 45,027 hours! Our work simply wouldn’t be possible without them. Volunteers are our superpower.

Our volunteers work in a wide range of tasks – helping with everything from sorting and repacking food, to doing administrative tasks for various departments, to fundraising throughout the year. 25% of our volunteers serve in leadership roles, making significant contributions and measurable impacts on food production, distribution, and community building, and working closely in a variety of roles alongside staff and volunteers.

In 2022, volunteers sorted 6.6 million pounds of food, 3.3 million of it produce. Our volunteer crew for Shop the Dock (an innovative, volunteer-run program that helps us quickly distribute food that is nearing the end of its shelf life) has grown from a single volunteer to 12 volunteers. This past year this small crew distributed a staggering 2.7 million pounds of food.

We are so grateful to every volunteer. Your work has helped more than a million people across Western Washington who face food insecurity. You bring joy and passion to our organization. Thank you for helping us in our mission to end hunger.

Check out our volunteer page for more information on the many ways to volunteer.