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At The Table

A Letter from the President & CEO

By June 1, 2016July 16th, 2018No Comments

Dear Friends,

    Last month, we moved to our new Hunger Solution Center in Seattle, and I am thrilled about what we can achieve through this wonderful facility. These recent improvements will allow Food Lifeline to more than double the amount of healthy food we distribute ― and significantly increase the number of lives we can impact.

    Next month, when school lets out for summer vacation, the more than 230,000 children in our region who depend on free and reduced-price meal programs at school will be at greater risk of hunger. Parents who already struggle may have to provide two extra meals per weekday per child, and for many families, that might be close to impossible.

    We know there’s enough food in western Washington to fulfill the needs of all children, so summer hunger can be solved. There are barriers to childhood hunger relief ― like finding and redistributing food that would otherwise be wasted, getting kids to meal programs, and letting parents and guardians know these programs exist. Thanks to your support, we can help our neighbors move past these roadblocks.

    Through our network of member agencies and hunger-relief initiatives, funded by your gifts, we’re connecting hungry families to nourishing food. Our Kids Cafes, for example, bring food to children in need — reaching them where they live, learn and play. Kids Cafes are located in high-need communities where more than half of the students qualify for free and reduced-price meals at school. Read about how this program is helping kids in Bellevue thrive on the following page.

    As you look through this special summer issue of At the Table, I hope you’ll remember it’s your generosity that changes lives in our community. Through your partnership, quality food that would otherwise end up in a landfill reaches families and individuals who are at risk of hunger. Not only are you feeding hungry neighbors, you’re also protecting the environment by helping Food Lifeline reduce food waste.

    I’m truly grateful for your support that helps alleviate hunger. Thank you for sharing what you have!


Linda Nageotte,
President & CEO
Twitter: @FoodLifeline