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At The Table

A Family Has a Reason to Celebrate, Thanks to You

By November 11, 2016July 16th, 2018No Comments

Larry and his wife are excited that they’ll be able to make a turkey to share with their 9-year-old daughter, Zoey, this Thanksgiving. Until recently, celebrating the holidays with a special meal didn’t seem like it would be an option.

Larry lost his job not long ago, and although his wife is employed through a temp agency, the sudden drop to just one income has made it impossible for them to cover all their expenses. Larry’s looking for a job in maintenance that he can start immediately, but in the meantime, he realized he was going to need help or his family would go hungry.

They applied for SNAP benefits to help cover the cost of groceries until Larry is back to work. But getting approved takes time that the family simply didn’t have – they were running out of food.

Thankfully, after an online search, Larry learned about Family Works, a program of Solid Ground and a Food Lifeline partner agency. Here, Larry has been able to receive good, nutritious groceries that he and his wife use to prepare healthy meals for themselves and Zoey. They know this wouldn’t be possible if it weren’t for your generosity.

“Thank you,” says Larry, emphatically.

I can’t thank you enough.”

This holiday season, you’re helping lift the burden from your struggling neighbors. Larry is quick to say that even though his family is in a tight spot, he still feels incredibly lucky because of the help you’ve provided.

Now, with the worry of hunger behind him, Larry is free to focus on his job search and look forward to the holidays. He and his wife will even have the chance to take Zoey exploring outdoors – one of their very favorite family activities.

Your generosity makes such a difference in the everyday lives of your neighbors in need. And during the holidays, your compassion has even more special meaning. You’re spreading hope and joy in place of hunger and fear. Thank you!