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A BIG Thank You for Helping us Raise More Than $173,000 for Hunger Relief

Thank You to everyone who joined our cause to end hunger in Western Washington by supporting Food Lifeline during Washington’s GiveBIG.

With match, we raised more than $173,000 from 403 donors and our match pool participants, including local restaurant group Black Bottle, Bar Vacilando, and Jack Sprat.

Thanks to you and the incredible generosity of our match partners, our neighbors in need will have food to put in their pantries and meals on their tables. At the same time, you are supporting our work to end hunger for the future by addressing its root causes, including poverty, racial inequity, and social injustice.

At Food Lifeline, we firmly believe that access to food is a human right and that no one should go hungry. Poverty, racial inequity, and social injustice have long fostered and perpetuated systems that reward some while leaving whole communities behind. We’re working to dismantle these systems while promoting policies and practices designed to lift people out of poverty and enable all members of our society to thrive. Through grassroots advocacy, we’re working to shape local, state, and federal policy. We’re partnering with organizations that are addressing poverty, and we’re building a movement to end hunger through community engagement and mobilization.

Did you miss GiveBIG? We’re at 93% of our $185,000 goal, and it’s not too late to help us reach our goal! Donate now and we’ll add your gift.

We are so grateful for supporters like you. We thank you for your investment in our mission—and for standing with us in our belief that food is a human right.