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10 Ways to Help End Hunger in 2024

By December 22, 2023January 9th, 2024No Comments

1. Sign up for our advocacy team and help us win policy proposals in this upcoming legislative session that end the root causes of hunger:

2. Set up a group volunteer session at Food Lifeline or your local food bank. (And make sure you check to see if your company offers volunteer grants!)

3, Volunteer at the source: Help with a harvest at the Food Bank Farm, which delivers hundreds of thousands of pounds of field-fresh produce to local food banks every year:

4. Host a food drive—online or virtual–for your work/school/organization.

5. Write an Op Ed for your local paper in support of policies that will alleviate hunger, such as a strong Farm Bill (which includes SNAP), Universal Free School lunch, or a wealth tax.

6. If you’re never faced food insecurity, challenge yourself to buy food for the day with $5.89, which is the daily average budget for someone receiving Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits in Washington State.

7. College hunger is often overlooked, yet nearly 40% of students don’t get enough to eat. The University of Washington Food Pantry reported that the number of students it serves doubled this year and its inventory is running low. Consider donating, volunteering, or advocating for your local college food pantry.

8. Stay informed on critical hunger-related issues by choosing some food justice publications and organizations to follow this year on social media, such as FRAC, Civil Eats, or one of our Community Food Sovereignty Fund Grant Partners.

9. Encourage your employer to partner with us, either as an advocacy partner, or as a corporate partner.

10. Raise awareness on the issue of food insecurity in Western Washington by following and sharing our posts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and by subscribing to our monthly newsletter.