Anti-Hunger Legislation

House Budget Released

In late March, the Washington State House of Representatives released a new budget that demonstrates that State leaders understand the need for improving access to food and addressing poverty. Families come first in the proposed budget as it works to fund community development, healthy people, a healthy environment, and reduce barriers to education.

Some key funding improvements included in the proposed budget are:

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Legislative Session Milestones - Including Senate Budget!

It has been a very busy session in Olympia for hunger fighters. From an early Hunger Action Day to a new take on Breakfast After the Bell, there’s been a lot of action. March 8th was the cutoff for bills to move out of their first chamber, either the House or the Senate. There are three bills we’re keeping an eye on that made it past this benchmark and are now working their way through the Senate:

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Anti-Hunger Advocates Take Olympia By Storm!

Another Hunger Action Day has come and gone, and as always, it was a day full of action and passion! Each year, the Anti-Hunger & Nutrition Coalition organizes an energetic lobby day that brings together anti-hunger advocates from across the state. Created as a day to help people speak directly to their elected officials, Hunger Action Day brought over 100 passionate advocates to Olympia on Monday, January 23.

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Washington’s (not so) Little Breakfast Problem

Washington State has a breakfast problem. More specifically, Washington State has a problem when it comes to ensuring low-income children have access to breakfast year-around. In February, the Food Research & Action Center (FRAC) released their annual School Breakfast Scorecard, which measures how many low-income students participate in the federally funded School Breakfast Program.

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2016 State Session Wrap-Up

The 2016 Washington State regular legislative session began on January 11th and ended on March 10th. The Legislature was called into special session by Governor Inslee immediately following the close of regular session because they had not passed a supplemental budget. On March 10th, expressing his frustrations with the legislature’s inability to negotiate a supplemental budget, Governor Inslee vetoed 27 bills.

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Hungry Kids in Washington Can’t Wait

On February 16, the Food Research & Action Center (FRAC) released their annual School Breakfast Scorecard, which measures how many low-income students participate in the federally funded School Breakfast Program. Nationally, school breakfast participation grew from 2014 to 2015, with 44 states increasing participation in their free and reduced-price school breakfast overall.

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State Legislature is in Session!

On Monday, January 11th, lawmakers in Olympia gaveled in their opening day for the 2016 legislative session. Hearings have already begun as policy-makers consider new legislation and begin to identify their supplemental budget priorities. This year, Food Lifeline is focused on five key items for our legislative agenda.

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Good News For Washington Food Banks

Last night the Washington Legislature passed a final budget agreement and has sent it off to Governor Inslee to sign just in time to avoid a government shut down. While this is good news in itself, the even better news is that funding was included for all of the budget requests we’ve talked about this year!

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Washington State Facing Shut Down

With the deadline for a state government shutdown looming, the Washington Legislature has been unable to come to agreement on a final budget. This week, food banks throughout the state started receiving notices that if a budget is not passed they will not receive EFAP funds from the state that many of them rely on to get through the difficult summer months.

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Special Legislative Session On the Way

The regular legislative session ended on Friday, two days early, but they still haven’t passed a budget. Now what? Lawmakers announced last week that they were likely to go into at least one special session given the difficulty in budget negotiations up to this point. The Governor has announced that he will call legislators back for a 30-day special session on Wednesday, April 29. He will be bringing budget negotiators together before that, however, with the hopes of keeping conversations going.                                   

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