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From Kale to Yale

When it comes to volunteering, Rachel Rosenberg is a rock star. Since February, Rachel has dedicated 2-3 of her mornings every week to helping out in the Hunger Solution Center – racking up over 100 hours of food sorting!

“What Food Lifeline is doing is really important and where it’s at with what it’s doing is really important,” Rachel says. “As a society we tend to chuck [the food], but there’s no reason why someone can’t eat that food and that is perfectly healthy and safe.”

This week marks the end of Rachel’s Food Lifeline volunteerism as she trades packing rescued food for packing up her home and heading to the East Coast. While we’re sad to see her go, we also offer congratulations to Rachel for getting into Yale University’s PhD program.

Some of Rachel’s favorite memories are of the sometimes bizarre and mysterious donations that make their way onto the Food Lifeline sorting table. In one instance a donation included 5 bags of marshmallows that were each missing a few tasty tidbits – she thinks the likely culprit was a clever child pilfering snacks. Note: unfortunately we cannot accept opened food items. 

Rachel says she learned a lot through her work and had fun every day. Rachel, thank you so much for your generous donation of time and energy. Thanks to you our community is stronger, healthier, and happier. Food Lifeline wishes you all the best on your next adventure!

We’re always on the lookout for more volunteers like Rachel. Help your hungry neighbors by signing up to volunteer today. 

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