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Responding to Communities Facing Hunger

96.5 JACK FM doesn’t take requests… BUT for one day in July, we’re breaking our own rule and playing what YOU want to benefit Food Lifeline!

  • Make a donation of $25 or MORE to Food Lifeline, and we’ll play a song of your choice on the air on Friday, July 17th as we broadcast live from the Food Lifeline headquarters.
  • Just write the song title and artist name in the “REQUEST” box on the donation form, and the JACK team will get to work on your request

NOTE – 96.5 JACK FM reserves the right to not play any requested song that contains graphic, degrading or offensive language, or does not align with the values of JACK FM. Requested songs will be played once on Friday, July 17th, pending accessibility to the song in the JACK FM music library. Every attempt will be made to contact the donor and obtain a new song request, should your original request not be available for broadcast.