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Now Is The Time To End Hunger!

September is Hunger Action Month – the Feeding America Network’s annual campaign to raise awareness of hunger in the United States and to take action to combat poverty, inequity, and injustice so we can end hunger for good. Across Washington and the nation, people are faced with choosing between their next meal and other basic needs like rent and medical care. As a Food Justice organization, Food Lifeline believes that food shouldn’t be an impossible choice, but we cannot end hunger alone. We need you to join our movement.

There are many ways that you can take part in Hunger Action Month! Invite your friends to a repack session in our Hunger Solution Center or volunteer together at one of our partner agencies. Make your voice heard by joining our team of advocates and calling on your representatives to address the root causes of hunger. Challenge your family to host a virtual food drive. Stay informed to learn about more opportunities to get involved!

Hunger Action Month is Possible

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