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Help Families Facing Hunger

Covid-19 is wreaking havoc in the lives of already food insecure children, seniors, veterans and families across Western Washington.

As you know, over half of the people Food Lifeline serves are either children or seniors. In times of crisis such as the COIVID-19 pandemic, those most in need are disproportionately affected. As schools close, students are denied access to the nutritious foods they rely on and receive from their school. Similarly, access to healthy food is more limited to seniors, who are at particular risk of COVID-19 infection. The only way that Food Lifeline can continue to provide food to those in need is through the help of the communities we serve. Please join the HungerMitao movement by participating in our Spring Fund Drive to help those impacted by COVID-19. During this situation, we are committed to making sure those most in need have reliable access to healthy food, and we need YOUR help in ensuring that no one goes without during these uncertain times.

Food Lifeline and the Indian American community remain committed to our joint mission to close the hunger gap in Western Washington by helping provide access to nutritious food. Nutritious food is critical to maintaining good health; so, in many ways, it is more important now than ever before to reach our community members in need.

  • Our senior population, who is especially vulnerable to the virus
  • Workers who now face leave without pay as a result of decreased consumer activity due to the virus
  • Children in low-income households who are losing access to daily nutrition as a result of school closures
  • Families who don’t have the means to stock up on supplies and healthy foods in the event of a quarantine

Who do these populations turn to? They turn to Food Lifeline and its network of more than 300 Partner Agencies to ensure they have access to the nutritious food they need during these times of uncertainty.

And during times like these, Food Lifeline turns to us, to ensure they are able to continue their important work. As a precaution, Food Lifeline has suspended large volunteer operations through the end of this month. Now more than ever, your financial support allows Food Lifeline to actively and safely respond to the pressing needs of our community. Your donation will ensure our neighbors continue to receive the quality products they are counting on. As we seek what brings us comfort during these trying times, PLEASE consider providing for those who are struggling to figure out how they will survive the COVID-19 devastation because of social isolation and distancing.

Make a donation today to support Food Lifeline as we continue to procure and distribute the fresh produce needed to feed our community. No gift is too small.

Make your impact now.

  • 849,000 people experience food insecurity in Western Washington (1 in 9)
  • 1 in every 6 kids face hunger
  • For every $1 dollar donated to Food Lifeline provides the equivalent of 5 nutritious meals
  • Thanks to the combined impact of donated food and funds, 96% of Food Lifeline’s expenses directly support programs that feed people