Our Hungry Neighbors

Thank You for Connecting Local Families with Nutritious Meals

When you support Food Lifeline, you help give caring parents like Leah the means to get their families back on solid financial footing.

We met Leah and her little boy, Justin, 3, earlier this year at the YWCA Central Area Food Bank, a Food Lifeline Partner Agency in Seattle. Leah told us that this past fall, she and Justin fell on hard times and had nowhere to turn.

Luckily, Leah found out about the food distribution just minutes away from where she and Justin live.  

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Laura Thanks You for Warm Meals and a Warm Home

There are many challenges that come with getting older. But some - like keeping enough food at home while scraping by on a fixed income - are preventable. Laura is one Western Washington resident who knows this is true, and it’s because you choose to give to Food Lifeline.

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Thank You for Helping Evelyn Access Nutritious Food!

It was a few years ago when Evelyn finally took her friend’s advice and made her first trip to North Helpline Food Bank, the Food Lifeline partner located near her Seattle home. As she made her way down the breezeway that led up to the Food Bank’s front door, she wasn’t sure what to expect. What she found pleasantly surprised her.

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Families Are Fed Because of You

“It’s a help!” Araceli says, nodding emphatically and smiling down at her little girl, Kayla, 7 months. “My kids are happy.”

Can you imagine how difficult it would be to explain to your child that you couldn’t afford to feed them? Araceli has been there before — but not anymore. That’s because you choose to support Food Lifeline.

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Your Support Is Filling Holiday Tables

The holidays are a time for families to come together around a full table. But for our neighbors who don’t have reliable access to food — like Magdalena’s family — this special season can be a painful reminder of hunger.

Magdalena lives with her mother, Margareta, and brother in Bellevue. Her brother works hard to support the family, and Magdalena continues to search for a job to help cover their expenses. She told us she’s volunteering with the Salvation Army to both give back to the community and gain valuable skills to help her find work.

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You're Making The Holidays Bright For People Like Caroline

When we met Caroline, she was bundled in a heavy coat outside FamilyWorks Food Bank, one of Food Lifeline’s member agencies on Seattle’s north side. As she made her way through the line, choosing vegetables, grains and other groceries from the food bank’s bins, she told us how constricted her budget has become.

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Bringing More Food to East Whatcom County

Food Lifeline is now bringing twice as much food to the Foothills region of East Whatcom County. On October 26, 115 households took home groceries from Food Lifeline’s inaugural weekday mobile food pantry distribution. Clients chose from a variety of items like fresh carrots and pears, ground lamb and chicken breasts, eggs, yogurt, cereal, and chicken noodle soup.

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Thank You For Being There For Lechelle's Children

“I never thought in a million years that I would be bringing my kids to a food bank,” said Lechelle.

It’s a feeling many parents in our community share. But when you’re unable to afford groceries – a position Lechelle found herself in earlier this year – your options are often limited to accepting help from strangers or going hungry. For the sake of her children, Lechelle looked for help.

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Thanks to You, A Loving Dad Can Feed His Kids!

It was a typical food distribution day at North Helpline in Seattle. Dozens of clients, including Martin, were at the food bank to receive groceries for their families. As he waited in line, there was no doubt he was thinking about his three school-age

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Your Gifts Help Feed Students Like Amy & Aiden!

In Western Washington, connecting hungry children with nourishing food is a community effort. Each fall, schools, nonprofit organizations and even libraries are vital to the hunger-fighting work you support.

Amy, who’s going into 5th grade, and her little brother Aiden, who’s starting kindergarten, are two children who directly benefit from your generosity.

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