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Recent news articles, trends and data that point to new solutions for stopping hunger.

Kick Hunger Challenge Update #2

Since September we’ve been turning thousands of Seahawk fans into hunger-fighting heroes.

The Kick Hunger Challenge has been a heated contest between the Seattle Seahawks and the other 31 NFL Teams. Fans here in Seattle have been furiously donating online, purchasing the official Ames Bros Shirt, and attending great Kick Hunger Challenge events.

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January Construction Update

The construction of the HSC is on schedule, and coming along beautifully, looking more and more like our future home every day. Today, most of the walls are up, and painting has started in the agency and mezzanine areas.

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State Legislature is in Session!

On Monday, January 11th, lawmakers in Olympia gaveled in their opening day for the 2016 legislative session. Hearings have already begun as policy-makers consider new legislation and begin to identify their supplemental budget priorities. This year, Food Lifeline is focused on five key items for our legislative agenda.

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National Commission on Hunger - Final Report

Shortly after the New Year, the National Commission on Hunger released its final report – “Freedom From Hunger: An Achievable Goal for the United States of America.” The Commission was created as part of the federal spending bill in 2014 and tasked members to provide policy recommendations to Congress and the USDA Secretary that would use the Department of Agriculture’s existing programs and funds in a more effective way to combat domestic hunger and food insecurity.

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Federal Budget Deal Reached!

This week Congress passed an omnibus budget bill to keep the federal government funded through next year. This is a huge, bipartisan accomplishment and given the current climate in DC, the fact that program funding levels were maintained with a few increases is a huge win. The bill emerged as two pieces of legislation that were ultimately combined into one bill: the budget and tax provisions.

The overall spending bill sets funding levels for programs through September 30, 2017. Key hunger program funding elements include:

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Hunger and Health

The food banking world and the healthcare industry are teaming up to change the way we view hunger and health. The new Hunger Solution Center will be the headquarters for the Health Care Initiative, a partnership between Food Lifeline and health organizations including BridgeSpan, Providence Health, Coordinated Care, and Cambia. These healthcare companies understand that better meals mean better health, and that better health means better outcomes for their patients - our food bank clients - in Western Washington.

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November Construction Update

Construction has officially started on the tenant improvements! They’re still doing mostly prep work, such as breaking up concrete where they will be adding plumbing, but it’s officially a hard hat only area and we need to make prearrangements to visit the site.

We are reviewing submittals from subcontractors (lighting plan, electric, mechanical, flooring, etc.)

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Open Enrollment Time Again!

The more we learn about the intersection of hunger and health, the more ways we find to work together and link the clients we serve with services that can help both their health and their household’s monthly budget.

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Kick Hunger Challenge Update

Help our Seattle Seahawks and Chef John Howie bring the Kick Hunger Challenge trophy home to Seattle. A nationwide competition between NFL teams, the Kick Hunger Challenge runs all season long and helps football fans turn their passion into food for those in need.

Chef John Howie and former player and “Singing Seahawk” Craig Terrill are the three-time defending champions of the Taste of the NFL Kick Hunger Challenge. Let's help them bring home a fourth trophy.

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