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A Company Who Cares: Schwartz Brothers Bakery

Rachid Ouardi, Regional Bakery Manger of Schwartz Brothers Bakery answers a few questions about why he donates food to Food Lifeline through the Seattle's Table program.

What difference does Food Lifeline make for your bakery?

"Throwing bread away always breaks my heart. So I was thrilled when I found out about Food Lifeline. Now instead of good bread going into the garbage, I have a way to get it to the people who need it the most."

How would you describe working with Food Lifeline?

"You guys are the Amazon Fulfillment Center of food banks. I was so impressed by your warehouse, your distribution systems, and how professional everything was. Not only do we get dock appointments and donation receipts, but we can rest easy knowing that you have everything in place to make sure food is handled safely."

What would you say to any other organization considering becoming a food donor?

"Think about it this way, as a socially conscious business, you need to eliminate waste and share your product with people who need it. When you start working with Food Lifeline, you solve both of those problems. Plus, you don't have to feel guilty about throwing food away any more. But hey, if anyone has questions, they can always call and talk to me. I am always happy to share the good work of Food Lifeline with anyone."

Thanks for answering our questions Rachid!

Since 2008, Schwartz Brothers Bakery has donated over 70,000 meals to people in need and continues to be a great example of a company who cares. Find out how you can get your business involved here.

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