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Seahawks Soar to Victory in Kick Hunger Challenge

When the Seahawks return from New York this week, they will bring more than a Super Bowl victory with them. For the 2nd year in a row, the Seahawks are also bringing home the Kick Hunger Challenge trophy, won for them by Chef John Howie and former Seahawks Craig Terrill. This annual competition pairs a chef with a former football player to compete against all 32 NFL teams to see who can raise more money for their local food bank. Through their creativity and passion for feeding people, Chef Howie and Craig Terrill raised over $83,000, which combined with the $10,000 in prize money, will provide over 400,000 meals for hungry people in Western Washington.

Just like the Seahawks, Chef Howie and Craig had a full team supporting them in their quest to win the Kick Hunger Challenge.

SPORT Staff Restaurant: In addition to crafting custom cocktails for the Kick Hunger Challenge, John Howie's team hosted the Party with a Purpose in January, raising over $30,000.

Graham Crowe & Larry Snyder: These two local auctioneers lent their talents to several Kick Hunger Challenge events.

Ames Bros: Designed and sold a special Kick Hunger Challenge tee-shirt.

Pearl Jam: Designed and sold an exclusive Seahawks tee-shirt that benefited the Kick Hunger Challenge.

Toyota of Kirkland: Helped raffle off 2013 Toyota Prius that raised funds to help stop hunger.

Regence BlueShield: Donated $1 per like on their Facebook page.

JACK FM: Highlighted the Kick Hunger Challenge during their Seahawks tailgating promotions.

Congratulations and thanks to Chef Howie and Craig for being our champions in the Kick Hunger Challenge!

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