Katherine Allison

A Bite Out of Hunger

Take a Bite Out of Hunger: That's the goal of a donation campaign sponsored by FirstFruits Marketing of Washington and Charlie's Produce.

Food Lifeline, a longtime partner of Metropolitan Market and Charlie's Produce,  was the recipient of this generous apple donation.  Charlie's Produce supplies produce to Metropolitan Markets and through the Take a Bite Out of Hunger campaign donated  471 cases of fresh Washington Apples: 20,813 pounds in all!

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Food Donations: 101

Food donations are the lifeblood of any hunger relief organization and Food Lifeline is no different. We rescue forty million pounds of food each year - diverting valuable, nutritious food away from the landfill and onto the shelves of more than 275 food banks, shelters, and meal programs across Western Washington.

My name is Katherine, and I just started at Food Lifeline, but when it comes to food banking, I’m an expert. So I’ll be your professor for Food Donations: 101.

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Donor Spotlights: Natural and Organic Donations

With 1 in 7 people in Western Washington struggling with hunger, the faces of hunger look very much like the faces you walk by everyday on the street. At the end of the day our neighbors who struggle with hunger aren't any different from anyone else, and like to eat the same types of foods that anyone else does. 

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Dave's Killer Bread!

What's better than one company donating surplus food to Food Lifeline to fight hunger in Western Washington?

Two companies joining forces to donate surplus, organic food!

Recently, Food Lifeline was the recipient of a generous donation of 20,000 pounds of organic potatoes and 3,000 loaves of Dave’s Killer Bread thanks to Flowers Foods and Cascade Organic Flour!

Flowers Food teamed up with Cascade Organic Flour for this special Thanksgiving donation to Food Lifeline.

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Father Eichner Squashes Hunger

Fall has officially arrived! And with it, Food Lifeline's annual crop of squash!

Since 2011 Father Jim Eichner, of the Episcopal Church of the Holy Cross, has been planting acreage of squash with the sole intention of donating it to food banks- and aptly named it the Food Bank Farm.

This year, he has planted 10 acres of a variety of squashes  and the first harvest was just unloaded at the Hunger Solution Center. Father Eichner recruits over 200 volunteers to help harvest and pack the squash, which grow in wide range of shapes, sizes, and colors.

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2015 Top Donors

For Food Lifeline, last year was a big one. Not only did we move into a brand new, huge, beautiful warehouse back in April, but we crossed a huge milestone by bringing in more than 40 million pounds of food to distribute!

We have hundreds of donors and individuals to thank for their contributions, but we’d like to send a few special shout-outs to our biggest donors of the last year.

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