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Kick Hunger Challenge Update #2

Since September we’ve been turning thousands of Seahawk fans into hunger-fighting heroes.

The Kick Hunger Challenge has been a heated contest between the Seattle Seahawks and the other 31 NFL Teams. Fans here in Seattle have been furiously donating online, purchasing the official Ames Bros Shirt, and attending great Kick Hunger Challenge events.

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Hunger Pic of the Month: Hot Chocolate Heroes

A cup of hot chocolate and a cheerful smile goes a long way; here are some amazing junior philanthropists joining the fight against hunger. In just two hours Myles, Van, and Scarlett raised $118.50 and about 100 pounds of food for Food Lifeline, providing 675 meals! The hot chocolate stand proved so successful they're already planning for next year's Cup for a Can location so they can gather even more donations. Can’t wait to see what they make happen next year!

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Donor Spotlight - Legacy Group

This month our Donor Spotlight is shining on Legacy Group. We’re thankful to work with Lou Lanthier, Partner and his great team to make the Hunger Solution Center (HSC) a reality. The Legacy Group team are working with their clients to help furnish and floor the HSC. Thanks to their support we now have 70 cubicles and 2,152 square yards of carpeting waiting to be installed. Legacy Group’s total assistance has helped us meet roughly 70% of our in-kind furniture budget. We asked Lou how his amazing team is helping us double down on hunger.

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Hunger and Health

The food banking world and the healthcare industry are teaming up to change the way we view hunger and health. The new Hunger Solution Center will be the headquarters for the Health Care Initiative, a partnership between Food Lifeline and health organizations including BridgeSpan, Providence Health, Coordinated Care, and Cambia. These healthcare companies understand that better meals mean better health, and that better health means better outcomes for their patients - our food bank clients - in Western Washington.

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Turkey Mania

T-Minus seven days until Thanksgiving Day is upon us, and what Thanksgiving would be complete without a turkey at the table? To celebrate World Food Day (October 16) the Google Bon Appétit food team has donated one turkey to us for every $100 the Google Seattle and Kirkland teams donated to Action Against Hunger.

In the end, 229 turkeys were purchased and shipped to our warehouse for distribution! This is even more important this year, as the recent avian flu outbreak has made it harder for our partnering food banks to get turkey donations.

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Food Delivery Adventure

It’s my fourth day on the job, and I’m being sent on a delivery ride along.  All I imagined was loading boxes of food off of the truck, and then be off to the next stop. But it’s more than that. Much more.

Our driver Efren and I left the Seattle Distribution Center at eight a.m. with a truck carrying 4,000 pounds of food. With the streets of Seattle barely waking up we made our first stop - miraculously squeezing the truck into a Pioneer Square alley.

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