Bo Johnson

Grocery Rescue Program Representative
Food Resources
(206) 545-6600 x3639

Bo works with grocery stores and our member agencies to rescue good food that would otherwise go to waste. What does this look like? Bo’s work includes a number of tasks including the pursuit of excel wizardry, roaming Western Washington to ensure partner agencies and donors are fully informed of grocery rescue practices, and resurrecting neglected office plants from the verge of death.  When not at Food Lifeline you will never find Bo because he is constantly refining his hide and seek game, and he is great at it. But if you do find him, he is likely watching movies or stand up, demonstrating intellectual prowess with a game of Catan, or listening to music while having conversation with friends.

Having just joined the team in 2015, Bo is very excited to help rescue nutritious food otherwise destined to go to waste. Feel free to contact him if you are interested in learning more about the grocery rescue program.

Other Staff Members

Linda Nageotte

President and CEO
(206) 545-6600 x3600

Amy Lee Derenthal

Chief Development Officer
(206) 545-6600 x3610

Hank "Henry" Altschuler

Chief Financial Officer
(206) 545-6600 x3601