Aaron Czyzewski

Director of Advocacy & Public Policy
Public Policy
(206) 545-6600 x3637

Aaron leads the Advocacy team and will work to harness the great power of Food Lifeline volunteers and partners to advance our hunger-fighting policy agenda. His efforts are aimed at building strong partnerships with lawmakers and advocacy champions in Olympia and Washington, DC.

Prior to joining Food Lifeline, Aaron spent 18 years fighting cancer at the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network. His various roles all centered on advocacy, government relations, campaigns, and capacity building. As VP for Government Relations at ACS CAN, Aaron oversaw a team of government relations directors, lobbyists, and grassroots organizers in 6 western states, including Washington. At LLS, he oversaw patient access teams and helped the organization launch its grassroots advocacy program nationwide. Proudest accomplishments include passing over 200 legislative measures addressing access to care issues, two health-related state constitutional amendments, and helping secure more than $2 billion in cancer-related appropriations.

Aaron is passionate about many things outside of his day job, still thinks he can change the world, and likes to chase the best ideas. When not having fun at work, he likes to spend time with his wife Karen and children Calvin, Simon, and Emma. You can distract him in almost any situation by talking about golf, cycling, or Porsche Motorsports.

Please contact Aaron with questions about advocacy or public policy and the many ways we welcome your partnership in our efforts to end hunger

Other Staff Members

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President and CEO
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