Efficient & Accountable

Making Every Dollar Count


Whether you’re contributing your food, funds, time or voice to stopping hunger with Food Lifeline - we want you to know the

 current state of our combined efforts to end hunger in Western Washington.

That’s why we annually produce our Impact Report, to give our community an update on who we’re serving, how we’re helping them and to show the overall health of our organization.

Download and read the entire Impact Report for FY 2017 and see how together we’re solving hunger in Western Washington.

Impact Reports:

FY 2017 Impact Report

FY 2016 Impact Report

FY 2015 Impact Report

FY 2014 Impact Report

Food Lifeline 990 Tax Forms:

FY 2017 Food Lifeline 990

FY 2016 Food Lifeline 990

FY 2015 Food Lifeline 990

FY 2014 Food Lifeline 990

Food Lifeline Audited Financial Statements:

FY 2017

FY 2016

FY 2015

FY 2014

I Believe There is Power in Stories

Whether it’s a story of suffering that leads us on a path to change, or a story of achievement that illuminates that path for others, stories give our life meaning and purpose.

The Balansay Family Has an Unusual Hobby

While some families enjoy hiking, boating or softball, this family loves shoveling frozen food, sorting boxes of donated food and inspecting pallets full of potatoes.

Charlie's Produce is a Local Institution

Charlie’s Produce supplies restaurants and grocery stores all over the state with fresh fruits and vegetables, but with their high volume comes some waste. That’s why CEO Charlie Billow came looking for Food Lifeline nearly 30 years ago.