Take Action to End Hunger With US!

We all know hunger and food insecurity was a crisis before the pandemic, and COVID-19 revealed how widespread.  As many as 2.1 million of our neighbors in Washington experienced food insecurity during the pandemic.  That’s one in five. And while some areas of the economy are improving, for those most vulnerable to the impact of the pandemic recovery will take years. At the beginning of the pandemic, we often heard the phrase, “the pandemic doesn’t discriminate” but as we learned about the growing impact of the pandemic related to hunger and food insecurity Black, Indigenous, immigrant, and refugee communities were twice as likely to face hunger – up to 2 in five, or 40%. That’s why there has never been a more important time to Take Action to End Hunger.

There are so many ways that you can Take Action! Invite your friends to a repack session in our warehouse or volunteer together at one of our partner agencies. Make your voice heard by joining our team of advocates and asking your representatives to address the root causes of hunger. Challenge your family to host a virtual food drive. Stay informed to learn about more opportunities to get involved!