Dents, Discards and Doing Good

As part of a new series, Pat Foote, volunteer writer for Food Lifeline, explores different parts of our organization. Follow along as she learns how “hunger doesn’t have to happen.”

My first time volunteering for Food Lifeline’s Fresh Rescue sessions starts in “dent-al school”: learning what dents in canned goods are acceptable and which dents pinched the metal so that the food inside could be compromised. The former are rescued. The latter are discards.

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Wrapping Up Another High Flying Year!

Once again Boeing employees are showing their caring spirits by rallying together to help stop hunger. Through food, funds and a Boeing matching gift, this drive is creating 237,454 meals. Or to put it in Boeing terms, this year's drive could feed every passenger onboard 450 Boeing 747 airplanes.

Not only do Boeing employees donate food and funds, they also volunteer their time to help stop hunger. Current Boeing employees and retired Boeing employees recently helped repack over 10,000 pounds of food in just 5 hours.

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Because Of You Someone Will Eat Today!

Volunteers rock. We really can't say it enough. Did you know almost 10,000 volunteers gave their time last year? Whether you are a student or a CEO, you can make a difference with only 3 hours of time. Sign up today.

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The Journey of Your Stamp Out Hunger Bag

You may have wondered what exactly happens to the food you put in your Stamp Out Hunger bag. The short answer? It feeds hungry people. The long answer involves a lot of heavy lifting, generous people, and a glimpse inside how Food Lifeline works.

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Would You Take the Seattle Challenge?

What would you do if you were homeless in Seattle? How would you get food? Where would you sleep? These are just a few of the tough questions facing a plucky group of Seattle eighth-graders who recently visited Food Lifeline.

The students are participating in the Seattle Challenge, a program created by the Seattle Academy that gives students a look at life through the eyes of a homeless person. During the program, students spend three days volunteering at agencies throughout the city, serving and cooking at meal programs, sleeping in simulated shelters, and walking to each site.

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You Can Make a Difference in the Fight Against Hunger

No matter how much time you have to give, you can still make a big difference in our fight against hunger. Do you have:

3 minutes?

Speak Up.

Lend your voice to help fight hunger and sign up for our Advocacy Alerts. We make it easy for you to stay up to date on the latest in hunger policy. Plus, when you sign up for Advocacy Alerts, you'll be the first to know about opportunities to speak out against hunger in Western Washington.

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The Balansay Family Has an Unusual Hobby

While some families enjoy hiking, boating or softball, this family loves shoveling frozen food, sorting boxes of donated food and inspecting pallets full of potatoes.

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Celebrating 1 Year of Meals for Minds

No one likes the idea of kids in our local communities going hungry. Kids should be free to learn and grow, without worrying about food. However in Western Washington, nearly 1 in 4 kids is struggles to get enough food. So to address that, Food Lifeline partnered with Target to pilot the Meals for Minds program. This program brings the food kids need like milk, fresh fruits and vegetables, peanut butter, juice and more, directly to a high need elementary school in North Seattle.

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