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Get to Know Seattle City Councilman Mike O’Brien

Our Public Policy team works with elected officials across Western Washington at the local, state, and national level. We hope this series helps you get better acquainted with the elected officials working to stop hunger. Want to see more articles like this? Subscribe to our Advocacy Alerts and stay up to date on the latest hunger research and policy.


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Take A Photo With The Hunger Square

Stopping hunger takes a whole community. Which is why we are so lucky at Food Lifeline to have incredible supporters like you. To our donors, volunteers, food donors, member agencies, and more, thank you. It is your help that is making it possible for us to say "Hunger Doesn't Have To Happen." 

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Good News For Washington Food Banks

Last night the Washington Legislature passed a final budget agreement and has sent it off to Governor Inslee to sign just in time to avoid a government shut down. While this is good news in itself, the even better news is that funding was included for all of the budget requests we’ve talked about this year!

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Legislature Stalls on Budget Negotiations

Last week the legislature wrapped up its first special session without passing a budget. However, both the Senate and House did release new budget proposals last week.

The Senate’s budget proposal spends an additional $242 million, mostly from increases in expected revenue from current sources. Even with the added funds, this budget falls short in supporting any of the anti-hunger programs you’ve been fighting for, and does not include any new, sustainable revenue sources.

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Two Easy Ways to Tell Congress to Support Hunger Relief

Right now, we have an important opportunity to let Congress know that our network cares ending child hunger and making it easier for donors to give food to food banks. 

Two important items of our legislative agenda—Child Nutrition Reauthorization and a food donation tax deduction bill—are moving forward in Congress, and we need your help to demonstrate strong support for these priorities.

We encourage you to sign the two letters below, which outline our priorities for both bills. 

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Special Legislative Session On the Way

The regular legislative session ended on Friday, two days early, but they still haven’t passed a budget. Now what? Lawmakers announced last week that they were likely to go into at least one special session given the difficulty in budget negotiations up to this point. The Governor has announced that he will call legislators back for a 30-day special session on Wednesday, April 29. He will be bringing budget negotiators together before that, however, with the hopes of keeping conversations going.                                   

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Tax Day Call-in to Support State Tax Reform

At Food Lifeline, we see every day why support from local, state, and federal government is so important for the hungry people we serve. This year we’ve been fighting to maintain and increase funding for important hunger relief programs in Olympia. We’re also trying to change our state’s current revenue system which continues to harm those working hardest to stay on their feet.

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Invest in Happy Childhoods

A healthy and happy childhood is one of the greatest gifts you can give. A new initiative in King County proposed by Executive Dow Constantine called “Best Starts for Kids,” will help make healthy, happy childhoods a reality by focusing on three areas of investment: pregnancy and early childhood, school-age children, and healthy and safe communities.

In King County, only 12% of adults and 26% of middle and high school youth consuming recommended levels of nutritious fruits and vegetables, there’s considerable room for improvement. 

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Senate Releases Budget with No Additional Support for Anti-Hunger Programs

The next step of the budget process has come faster than we anticipated. The Washington State Senate released their budget proposal today. Unfortunately, the news is not good: none of our requests were included.

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