Grocery Rescue

A Rescue Mission

Chris Hartman and I are like explorers, on the search for the next big find. We peruse through the QFC and Safeway back rooms, letting out a whoop every time we discover a crate of food with the Food Lifeline label resting on top.

“It’s the thrill of the hunt,” says Chris, “and each time you find more food than expected, it’s like striking it rich! You can imagine all the extra people you’ll help feed”.

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Yolanda Finds a Home: Groceries for All!

Meet Yolanda, the yogurt cup. She lives in the grocery store and dreams of finding a home. Follow the story of Yolanda and her dairy friends as they find homes with the clients of the Happy Homes Food Bank. Our Grocery Rescue program helps food in need from 230 stores across Western Washington find homes with families and individuals struggling with hunger. Last year, this program distributed nearly 17.3 million pounds of food, including 2.3 million pounds of dairy.

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Riding Along with Grocery Rescue

As part of his Bank of America internship, Wylie Mao spent his summer working at Food Lifeline and learning about the work we do to stop hunger in Western Washington. As part of his experience, Wylie had the chance to ride-along with our truck drivers and see first hand the work that goes into getting food to those in need. Here are his reflections on his experience with Grocery Rescue.

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What Do Elephants, Whales and Bears Have To Do With Grocery Rescue?

Since its creation in 2002, the Grocery Rescue program has recovered 93,301,039 pounds of food from grocery stores across Western Washington. See how that number breaks down...

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