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Join us for HungerMitao's Spring Funds Drive!

In honor of India’s Independence month, HungerMitao is sponsoring a fundraising campaign throughout the month of August, to raise funds in support of Food Lifeline’s mission to provide food assistance to those experiencing food insecurity in Western Washington. The efficiencies of Food Lifeline enable a single dollar to provide 5 meals, making the impact of our collective donations significant.

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic earlier this year, shelter in place, lockdowns and quarantines have caused businesses to shut down and furlough employees, resulting in unprecedented levels of unemployment. The need for food assistance and related services has gone up exponentially. There are thousands of food-insecure people in our community, who depend on Food Lifeline’s services, and our generosity enables Food Lifeline to continue their work in ensuring that hunger doesn’t have to happen.

We invite you to join us for HungerMitao Month, where you have the option to make a donation to Food Lifeline or start your own virtual funds drive campaign.

Make an Impact in Our Community

Support Our Efforts

For every dollar you donate, Food Lifeline is able to facilitate 5 meals! As you can see, every dollar has the ability to make an impact.


Conduct Your Own Fundraiser

Invite your friends, family and coworkers to join you in raising funds for Food Lifeline as we work to continue providing assistance to our community. The process is simple. Click “Join This Event” to create your own fundraiser or create a team.

Sign Up

Contribute Your Time

Volunteer at Food Lifeline’s Hunger Solution Center. Come show that our community is stronger together.