Our Community Responds

From the food industry to volunteers, everyone in Western Washington has a vital role to play in solving the hunger logistics problem. These are the stories of how our community is responding and contributing.

Welcome Food Lifeline Summer Interns

Meet our two summer interns, Wylie and Cate, who share their first impressions of working at Food Lifeline, as we work to stop hunger.

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Get Your Summer Fun Started with Volunteering

Are you looking for a way to fill those long summer days and give back to the community? Check out these two fun volunteer opportunities with Food Lifeline. Not only will you join the almost 9,000 volunteers who make it possible for Food Lifeline to provide 82,000 meals every day, but you will get a chance to rub elbows with some of the top chefs in Seattle.

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Stopping Hunger a Ton of Potatoes at a Time

The first thing you learn when taking a tour of Skagit Valley Best Produce is nothing goes to waste. Follow along on our tour of one of our top food donors as we learn why they donate to Food Lifeline.

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Celebrate National Dairy Month

What's better that a month that celebrates milk, cheese and all things dairy? Not much in our mind. Dairy products are often the most requested items at food banks, but also frequently the least donated. Plus during the summer, many families struggle to replace the meals for their kids typically provided by the school.

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Where Does Your Bag Go On Stamp Out Hunger?

You may have wondered to yourself, what exactly happens to the food you place in your blue bag. The short answer is that it goes to people struggling with hunger. However the more interesting answer demonstrates the way the hunger relief world comes together to stop hunger. After being collected by your local letter carrier, your bag starts a journey captured in the video below.

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Volunteer Appreciation Day

What kinds of people dedicate their time to re-packing frozen peas, labeling instant oatmeal or sorting through food drive donations? Food Lifeline volunteers, of course. April is National Volunteer Appreciation Month and so last Saturday we invited a group of some of our most dedicated volunteers to join us for a special volunteer session. After sorting through over a truckload of food donations in fewer than 2 hours, volunteers enjoyed a delicious lunch catered by Dante’s Inferno Hot Dogs and swapped stories about their time with us.

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Seattle's Restaurant Week: Your Meal Can Make a Difference

You have so many delicious dining options during Seattle Restaurant Week. So if you are looking for a way to narrow it down, consider supporting Seattle's Table restaurants.

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Generosity + Local Chefs = Record-Breaking Fundraiser

Thanks to our generous community and our incredible team of Savor chefs, this year's event raised over $380,000 - enough to provide over 1.5 million meals!

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Seahawks Soar to Victory in Kick Hunger Challenge

When the Seahawks return from New York this week, they will bring more than a Super Bowl victory with them. For the 2nd year in a row, the Seahawks are also bringing home the Kick Hunger Challenge trophy, won for them by Chef John Howie and former Seahawks Craig Terrill. This annual competition pairs a chef with a former football player to compete against all 32 NFL teams to see who can raise more money for their local food bank.

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